Legvold Consulting delivers knowledge to help organizations meet tomorrows' global challenges through an integration of culture, leadership and the science of psychology.

Thor L. Legvold, Psy.D. offers over 15 years of experience working with international and multinational firms, assessing and developing executives and teams, facilitating cross-cultural synergy and global strategy. He has lived and worked in several countries across the globe, is fluent in multiple languages, and specializes in working across and with different cultures.

Thor serves as a trusted leadership advisor for executives and organizations across a wide range of sectors and industries, including finance, technology, manufacturing/industrial, energy, retail, healthcare, entertainment, NGO, startups/entrepreneurship, service industry, and government/public sector.

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Our clients expect tangible results and understand the competitive advantages of integrity, reliability, effectiveness and trust. They typically have, or want, a footprint in multiple countries, or culturally diverse teams, with the advantages these bring.

Your business is no better than the people who run it, and the science of people is our specialty.

As a recent client put it,
"Thor delivered far beyond our expectations."

Results - typical client outcomes

  • Enhanced leadership skills and ability
  • Improved cross-cultural understanding and communication
  • Increased productivity and quality
  • Increased cross-border/multi-site effectiveness
  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced utilization of multicultural resources and talents
  • Greater degree of alignment around company values and goals
  • Creation of high-performing teams
  • Improved success rate for executive hires
  • Lower turnover, better employee and talent retention
  • Reduction in number and severity of conflicts
  • Improved collaboration and quality of decision-making
  • Succesful entry into new (foreign) markets
  • Creation of successful strategies to improve market share


Our services are focused on bringing people and teams across an organization closer together and improving the company's performance as a whole, aligning each part of the organization across continents to work towards attaining common goals.

Legvold Consulting understands culture, offers extensive international experience with a global focus, and provides services at all three levels of an organization - individual (assessment, executive coaching, leadership development), team (team development, cross border (virtual) and cross cultural teams), and company-wide (organizational development).

Leadership Assessment & Executive Coaching

Hiring the wrong executive costs not only time and money, but affects the company's culture, agility and focus.

We offer a range of evidence-based assessments to suit, tailored to your needs and the requirements of the organization. Let us ensure the right fit for the role.

Our individual coaching and leadership development programs help ensure your leaders are the best in the business.

High Performance Team Assessment & Development

Today's complex world requires effective, efficient teams in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Working across borders and cultures can pose additional challenges to keeping things running smoothly.

We work to develop high-performing teams in critical points of your business, as well as ensure smooth operation of virtual or cross-cultural teams spread across the globe.

Global Organizational Development, Strategy & Culture

No matter the phase or footprint, continual innovation and development is needed to reach the top and stay there.

Developing a company culture that ensures performance as well as employee satisfaction and engagement is a key factor of the best performing companies.

Models that not only scale, but also align with the organization's vision and values. Your company is your people, each serves as an ambassador for your brand.


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